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Anger of the people, It makes everything worse.
When angry, we tend to forget. Speak loudly, Damn people, Coarse language and unreasonable. While I tend to think that anger. While I tend to think that anger. Anger does not solve the problem and cause more problems. When people got angry always ran away
from the problem or keep quiet and not to do is suppressed. Therefore, it must explain why we are angry. With cause and effect. so angry that we have been grafted. Why we are angry because the person who got angry always have many need such as justice, acceptance, agreement needs to follow his way. When can’t accepted then he will get angry Ex. Rue of some organization staff. Employee overtime but no overtime but when staff comes to work not on time then The employer been charges. If the employer and the employee comes to meeting to find the solution. If can found the solution then the employers will not lose employees. If employees have been demanding. It will thaw to be love and understanding to employer. It proposes to create a loving and loyal to the organization.
Fierce anger of the people is not the same. some peoples are irritability and stop sooner but some people irritable angry severe because it is resistant to pressure than others may be caused by genetic and environmental causes. The child was born in bad an environment that is not easy to upset.
Anger is a normal emotion and adversely affect relationships with others or quality of life. If you want to learn to control it and get rid of the anger then you can consult a psychiatrist such as meditation.


4:38pm 12-11-2012
ธรรมะ ธรรมมะ บทสวดมนต์
7:51pm 10-05-2012
veng: i want to learn English. please help

Pipat: How do you want me to help you? And how do you already help yourself to learn English?
5:45pm 10-05-2012
i want to learn English. please help
9:42pm 09-24-2012
Q: I look for English conversation lessons. Please help.

6:05am 09-24-2012
udom pathumthao
I look for English conversation lessons. Please help.
10:51pm 09-15-2012
supamas tantaveevong
10:14pm 09-11-2012
พิพัฒน์: จะให้ผมช่วยอะไรหรือเปล่าครับ
5:19pm 09-11-2012
11:56pm 08-16-2012
Johny: อยากพูดได้บ้าง แต่ไม่กล้า
pipat: ถ้าไม่กล้าพูด ก็คงไม่ได้พูด และพูดไม่ได้ และถึงอยากไปก็คงไม่สมอยาก
8:31pm 08-15-2012
ยินดีครับที่ทุกท่านได้รับประโยชน์จากบล็อก นี้ - พิพัฒน์
10:49am 08-14-2012
ขอบคุณค่ะที่แนะนำ และแบ่งบันความรู้สำหรับ website ดีๆอย่างนี้
11:13am 08-11-2012
ต้องการพูด อ่าน เขียน ให้เข้าใจกับคนต่างประเทศ เพื่อไว้ใช้ทำงาน
7:02pm 08-06-2012
ฉันต้องการพูด อ่าน เขียน ให้เข้าใจกับคนต่างประเทศ เพื่อไว้ใช้ทำงาน
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